From nothing to
a thought, an idea,
a possibility, a business,
to a new reality

This is the stuff they teach to the brightest minds at Stanford

Design Thinking is really the cutting edge of education with a dedicated school that specialises in this at Stanford University. We introduce and work through the same framework over the course of the first week. We send resources for the students to digest each evening and apply them through workshops during the day. Each of our students will identify problems, ideate solutions, create personas, a lean canvas business model, a prototype, some light brand and identity, research competitors, customer and market, assess costs/revenues and deliver the story via a pitch.

The tools we teach

Creative idea generation, validation and prioritisation

Creating customer personas

Defining the target market, users and buyers

Evaluating a unique value proposition

The benefits and pitfalls of team working, collaboration and competition vs co-opetition

Identifying and validating customer problems

Creating user stories, customer journeys and wireframes

A framework to validate assumptions using LEAN principles

Pitching and presenting propositions

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